Cloche Candle - Patchouli, Musk & Jasmine
Cloche Candle - Patchouli, Musk & Jasmine

Cloche Candle - Patchouli, Musk & Jasmine



A hand poured fragrance blend of inice se and Tonka. Smoky, woody incense pairs with patchouli, musk and sweet notes of jasmine. The grounding fragrance balances all items beautifully to envelop the room in a soft, warm aroma.

Available for curbside pickup, GTA delivery, or Canada-wide shipping

Our customers say...

I ADORE this dresser! So beautifully painted and perfect for my needs. It quickly became my favorite piece of furniture, and I intend to enjoy this piece for many years. Jelena was excellent with all communications... I would not hesitate a moment to buy another piece of Jelena's lovely work, all of which have such character and quality. Thank you again, Jelena! It was a pleasure. 10 Stars!!


Rochester, MA

Shout-Out to Jelena from the local shop Poppyseed Creative Living for a wonderful online shopping experience. She very kindly delivered to my house when I was unable to make the curbside pickup time. This grapefruit candle smells ridiculously good. Highly recommend for your holiday and/or treat-yourself shopping. Such gem in our neighbourhood


Toronto, Ontario