Collection: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Poppyseed Creative Living is a proud Annie Sloan Chalk Paint stockist. Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan is likely the most versatile paint product on the market. Named Chalk Paint after its chalky finish, this paint is packed with goodness. It is water-based, environmentally friendly, and provides great coverage for all your painting projects, be it furniture for indoor or outdoor use, floors, walls, ...the possibilities are endless.

Chalk Paint FAQs

Do I need to sand or prime before painting?

Sanding is recommended if there is loose paint, or if the surface is extremely glossy.

We recommend sanding lightly (with fine grit sandpaper) before waxing. This not only makes the finish more smooth, but also saves on wax application.

Do you need to seal chalk paint?

Chalk paint can be susceptible to water and other damanging elements. It is highly recommended to seal chalk paint with Annie Sloan Wax or Lacquer for protection.

How do I apply chalk paint wax?

Waxing can be done approximately 1 hour after painting. Apply the wax evenly, waxing one area at a time. Once you have covered your project, you'll see that the paint has gone slightly darker. Remove any excess wax by rubbing over it with a lint-free cloth.